Husky Pride

Hudson Elementary

Here at Hudson Elementary our students show Pride everywhere. Remember what PRIDE stands for at Hudson Elementary:
                                    P- POSITIVE ATTITUDE
                        D-DO YOUR BEST
                                         E-EVERYBODY BELONGS
 Here are some of the examples of how we show pride in our school:

 Boy washing handBATHROOM PRIDE

*Conserve toilet paper, paper towels, soap and water.
*Be clean, quick and quiet.
*Respect space and privacy
*Wash your hands

                     TEAM CENTER PRIDE

*Be quick, quiet and kind.
*Walk on the right side of the hallway.
*Use water stations correctly.
*Keep hands and feet to yourself. Greet others with a smile

 cafeteria kids imageCAFETERIA PRIDE

*Use appropriate words and voice level
*Use your time wisely.
*Eat your own food.
*Clean up after yourself
*Be polite and patient

Children swinging PLAYGROUND PRIDE

*Follow adults' directions and school rules.
*Use and return equipment correctly.
*Show good sportsmanship.
*Keep rocks, snow and grass on the ground. 
*Stay where adults can see you.


 Boy at bus stopBUS STOP PRIDE

*Follow adults' directions and school rules.
*Keep your hands, feet and all other belongings to yourself.
*Show appropriate behavior.
*Keep food, gum, and drinks in backpack.
*Be on time and stay in your line.



*Follow adult's directions and school rules.
*Walk at all times on the sidewalks.
*Use crosswalk and obey crossing guard.
*Sit on planters when waiting for a ride.
*Watch for cars.
*Walk your bike and/or skateboards on school grounds.

Children sitting ASSEMBLY PRIDE

*Follow adults' directions and school rules. 
*Sit criss-cross applesauce.
*Take pride in your behavior.
*Listen, watch and pay attention.
*Respect the presenter and audience.



Field trip bus FIELD TRIP PRIDE

*Follow adults' directions and school rules.
*Be a positive role model.
*Represent your school well.
*Use your best manners.
*Stay with assigned group.  


Computer kids imageMEDIA CENTER PRIDE

*Respect all equipment. 
*Return materials in a timely manner.
*Use appropriate voice level.
*Use your time wisely. 


*Be a positive role model in your community.
*Include neighborhood kids in positive activities. 
*Take responsibility for your community by completing quality work. 
*Respect community service members.